iPhone Repairs

Why choose Nextgen to carry out your iPhone repairs:

  • We stock most of iPhone parts and have close relations with suppliers worldwide.
  • Fully Equipped soldering laboratrories allowing us to complete most complicated repairs.
  • We will provide a full cleaning and overhaul service with every repair.
  • No questions asked warranty of 3 months is provided with any device we repair
  • We provide updates  to customers phones and emails regularly as well as online tracking available 24/7
  • Our iPhone repair procedures and manuals are documented to ensure we succeed every time.
  • We have been in business of repairing for over 10 years.

While maintaining large inventory of parts and specialized equipment we are able to carry out most of iPhone repairs. The sophisticated experience engineering team allows us to quickly and efficiently identify issues and evaluate processes required to carry out repairs, while keeping cost down for end user.


  • Volume Button issues, Volume button not working, Damage volume button
  • Back camera issues, back camera not working, blurry image
  • Wifi or gps not working, wifi constantly disconnecting, bluetooth issues
  • Home button not working, home button works intermittently
  • Powerbutton unresponsive, power button issues
  • Front camera not working, poor image quality, cannot take selfies
  • Loud speaker issues cannot listen to music or hear other people on the loudspeaker
  • Microphone not working, no one can hear you on a call, cannot record voice memos
  • Earpiece speaker does not or works intermittently, cannot hear anyone on a call
  • iPhone does not charge, charging port damaged, charging port works intermittently
  • Battery drains out fast, iPhone not holding a charge, battery issues
  • Cracked screens, iPhone does not respond to my touch, lines on screen or dead pixels
  • Diagnostic service – if you don’t know whats wrong or iPhone has multiple issues
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