Repair Services

Looking to repair your electronic equipment?

Aftermarket services designed to excel at customer service.

Our consumer electronic repair organization is designed to provide best possible customer experience for an affordable price. At Nextgen Wireless, we do not sell products or services, we do however sell solutions to clients electronic equipment. All of our technical out of warranty repair include full diagnostics, service and rigorous testing to ensure the product meets customer expectations. We understand the customer does not expect the product to be perfect, however everyone expects service provider to repair failures quickly when device breaks down. Our consumer electronic repairs business model is based using that principle.

To deliver quick, reliable and consistent service we constatnly monitor after sales market failure trends. once identified we develop an efficient service supply chain to match the customer demand. By deploying our resources, such as relevant inventory of parts, telephone support and teams of skilled engineers we are able to provide minimal downtime when failure.


iPhone Repair

iPad Repair

Tablet Repair

Smart Phone Repair

Samsung Repair

Macbook / Laptop

Data Recovery

Micro Soldering